About me

I am Marilina Skarpeta and I was born in Patras, Greece in an artistic family and since her early childhood I used to create and sell bracelets from spaghetti and cotton swabs pretending I was a merchant. As expected, I became a youth entrepreneur setting up my first business at 18 years old, a local shop with handmade gifts, jewelry, wedding and christening goods. At the same time I pursued a bachelor degree in Telecommunications and networks, something that made me familiar with the digital world and its benefits. Almost 10 years later, I moved to Athens with my dog "Meatball" and co-founded an innovative start up, a moving pet grooming service! Restless in heart and mind I enrolled to a graphic design school and graduated with a focus major in children's illustrations. My compassion for stray animals brought me in front an opportunity to create my first children's book "Lulu the traveling mutt". I'm 31, i don't know what i wanna be when I grow up but I love everything I have been so far.